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The Gaia Resonator is based on the naturally occurring electromagnetic resonance of the earth known as the Schumann frequency.

This ultra low frequency is transmitted to the body by sound, infra red and ultra violet light as well as low intensity polarized magnetic waves.

It has the effect of relieving pain and promoting a feeling of well being in living cells in humans, animals and even plants.

Treatment is non invasive in that no electrical contact is made with the skin.

The Gaia Resonator is hygienic, it does not use expensive conductive pads that need replacement and does not cause unpleasant shocks or irritate the skin.

The Gaia Resonator is highly effective for the treatment of the following complaints:
aBack pain        aNeck pain            aKnee and hip replacement pain
aNeuralgia        aPoor circulation    aPain caused by inflammation
aMigraine          aCancer pain            aPost operative pain          
aHangover        aInsomnia              aOsteoarthritis
aFibromyalgia    aHeadache               
aSinusitis          aSkin repair  

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